Sheffield, AL

Remanufactured Capabilities

• All grades as well as custom grading
• Resawing thickness
• Ripping width
• Custom precision end trim (PET)
• Band Groove
• Notching
• Chamfering
• Large and small pallet blocks
• “Just in Time” shipments
• Custom packaging
• Specified tallies to help control inventory
• Dry storage
• HT (Heat Treated) Certified remanufacturing facility

Treating Capabilities

• CAC treated wood
• Above ground and ground contact retentions
• All dimensions from Radius Edged Decking (RED) to specialty timbers
• Complete customization of pack size to client specifications
• Treated and untreated lumber on the same truck
• TSO Service
• Custom Drying After Treatment
• Loading vans, flatbeds, and railcars (Norfolk Southern)

Sheffield Location Contacts

755 W. 20th Ave
Sheffield, AL 35660

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Jeremy Franks – General Manager

David Evett

Trent Alexander

Clint Casteel

Tyson McMeans

Stefan Pittner

Brody Atkins